Garissa County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for April 2014



  • The short rains season continued during the month with few rainy days reported, the intensity was good though with fair distribution.

  • The quantity and quality of pasture and browse highly improved across the livelihood zones. Vegetation regeneration and growth of good ground cover was reported.

  • The water sources available remain stable with the recharge of boreholes and shallow wells and impounding of water at good number of water pans. Main water sources available for household and livestock use in the district are Boreholes, River Tana, and Benane spring, Galana golf of Modogashe and water pans.

  • Household water availability continues to improve when compared with the previous month. Household trekking distances continue to reduce with an average of 8km trekking recorded in all livelihood zones.

  • Livestock water availability and accessibility remained stable when compared with the previous month. This was attributed to availability of water in seasonal water points (pans and depression).the trekking distances across the livelihood zones was 10km.

  • No resource based conflict was reported in parts of the county.

  • No livestock migration was reported during the month.

  • Livestock body condition continues to improve, the current condition ranges between fair and good for all livestock species.

  • Suspected cases of lumpy skin disease was reported in most parts of the county affecting cattle and small stocks, to the south of the county high cases of trypanosomosis and suspected cases of camel haemrragharic septicemia were reported.

  • Milk production continues to improve with high consumption rates at household level and local markets reported. This was due to high birth rates in small stocks reported across the livelihood zones. The current price is Kshs. 40.

  • Cattle prices slightly improved when compared with preceding month. This was attributed improving body condition, increased demand and low supply of cattle to the local markets .The current cattle market price was Kshs.17, 000.

  • The prices of goats continue to increase when compared with the preceding month. The increase was attributed to reduced supply to the markets and relatively improving body condition of goats due to their feed conversion efficiency. The current price increased from kshs.2432 to kshs.3000.

  • Sheep prices slightly increased when compared with the previous month. It was due to reduced sale rate and improved body condition. The average recorded price for the month was Kshs .1580 against kshs.1420 for the previous month.

  • The nutritional status of children above one (1) and below five (5) relatively improved with the percentage at risk reducing from 13.4 % of previous month to the current 10.3% the improving trend is attributed to availability of milk and improved purchasing powers of pastoralist. The at-risk rates are higher than the long term mean for the month.