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Four killed in attack by South Sudanese

In Summary

  • The herders were ambushed at Natapar location on Saturday

  • Deputy County Commissioner Erick Wanyonyi blamed the raid on the war in South Sudan


Four herdsmen were killed in an attack by Toposa raiders from South Sudan at the weekend.

The herders were ambushed at Natapar location on Saturday, according to Turkana Deputy County Commissioner Erick Wanyonyi.

The raiders also injured a boy before driving away an undetermined number of animals.

Mr Wanyonyi blamed the raid on the war in South Sudan.

“Accessing weapons in that country has become very easy. Rustlers are taking advantage of that to steal animals as herders have moved closer to the border for pasture and water,” he said.

Poor communication and road network also contributed to the slow response by the police.


“Grasslands and water sources are now concentrated at the border where there are no roads which police can use for patrols. This poses problems for the herders, especially during emergencies,” he said.

The district security intelligence committee is currently at the border arranging for meetings with their counterparts from South Sudan to help in recovery of the animals.

Turkana County Woman Representative Joyce Emanikor condemned the attack and called on South Sudanese authorities to be vigilant.

Ms Emanikor asked Kenyan police and immigration officials not to allow arms into the country especially since many people were fleeing from the conflict.

“We should not compromise our peace for the sake of saving our neighbours,” she said.

Deputy Governor Peter Lokoel said the county government had arranged peace meetings involving elders from the Toposa, Turkana and the Nyangatom of Ethiopia.