Food security situation as at 31st January, 2012



The food security situation has been stable during the month of January as harvesting of Short Rains crops improved in the marginal areas of Eastern, Coast and North Rift. The month of January remained dry and sunny following early cessation of Short Rains experienced by second week of December 2011. In some parts of Eastern Province, the early cessation led to crop failure as some crops such as maize had not reached maturity stage. Following conclusion of harvesting of long rains crop in most regions to the West of Rift Valley and on-going harvesting of short rains crop in Eastern Province as well as parts of Coast and Central Province, the general food supply has improved in most parts of the country. However, owing to continued higher inflation, early cessation of short rains and cautious commodity market reactions following high food prices that characterized most parts of 2011, the prices of most staples, especially cereals, have remained above the long average. Thus by end of January 2012, wholesale maize price in various markets ranged from Ksh 2,500 to Ksh 3,600, with national average price reaching Ksh 3,200 per 90 Kg bags.