Food Security Situation as at 31st August 2013



The national food security situation has remained stable and further improved in the month of August as harvesting of long rains crop continued in most parts of the country. In August 2013, the inflation rate increased for five consecutive months to 6.67, up from 6.02 percent in July 2013. The increase is attributed to the rise in food and fuel prices. Overall, most basic food commodities remained low in August 2013 compared to same period in 2012 but with the introduction of VAT, the prices are projected to start increasing.

The food stocks especially maize, beans and wheat have increased as harvesting of long rains crops concluded in most parts of the country. Harvesting of long rains maize is expected to commence in upper parts of Nyanza, Western and the North Rift, to further stabilize the national food security. Supplies of fresh vegetables and other short season crops have been stable in August. Prices of Maize decreased slightly but prices of other coarse grains increased in August compared to the previous month. The National maize stocks as at 31st August stood at 15,882,924 bags, with farmers holding about 9,516,931 bags, Traders 3,575,281 bags, Millers 341,600 bags and NCPB 2,137,120 bags. Beans stocks totaled 2,428,404 bags, Wheat 1,372,100 bags and Rice 588,867 bags.