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Food Security & Nutrition Working Group, May 2015

Situation Report
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Current Conditions: Regional Highlight

• Minimal food insecurity (IPC Phase 1) in parts of Sudan, western & central Ethiopia, agricultural areas of Uganda, western Kenya, southwest South Sudan, northern Somalia, Rwanda and Burundi but stressed (IPC Phase 2) in most pastoral areas;

• Crisis and emergency food insecurity remains a concern mostly in DRC, CAR and conflict-affected states of South Sudan, parts of NE Kenya, NE Ethiopia, some districts in Karamoja, Darfur in Sudan, IDP sites in Somalia;

• Conflicts/political tension in South Sudan, Burundi, CAR and eastern DRC; and rebel insurgency in southern Somalia may pose challenges to food security improvement.

• Favourable March-May rains have been received in several areas across the region and will be beneficial to agricultural production in south/central Somalia, Uganda, South Sudan, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda. However, Belg production in Ethiopia and vegetable production in Djibouti could be affected by below-average rains.

• The rains will further support rangeland regeneration and livestock condition in pastoral areas of south/central Somalia, Karamoja and Kenya. The situation will however remain precarious in pastoral areas of Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea and northern Somalia.

Food security situation remains a concern in DRC, CAR, parts of South Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan with an estimated 19M people in need of humanitarian assistance. The March-May rains is likely to alleviate the situation in some areas.