Food aid sought as three die of hunger


Three people have died of hunger in Nakale ward, Turkana County, following low rainfall.

The ward county representative, Mr Nicholas Ewoi, expressed fear that more people could die due to an acute shortage of food in the area.

More than 1,000 animals have died, he added.

He said a few wells have been filled with dirty water following rains in eastern Uganda.

“The water has proved harmful to animals. It is causing young goats to die,” he added.

County disaster management executive Charles Ewoi led a team of officials from the devolved unit in distributing relief food to five most affected villages in Turkana West District on Wednesday.

He said more villagers are feared dead in other areas. Mr Ewoi said besides low rainfall, locust infestation hit all the six sub- counties.

Most water points have dried up and the vegetation has wilted, he added.


The official appealed for more support from the government and relief agencies.

“We have identified 120 villages across the county that urgently need relief food. This translates to 246,000 residents,” he said.

He thanked the World Food Programme, among other relief agencies, for coming to the rescue of some of the villagers.


Mr Lokale Lokomor, a 32-year-old villager, has lost 44 young goats to the new disease.

“I urge veterinary officers to come to our rescue as we are being made poorer,” said Mr Lokomor.

Ms Arot Roskol, a widow in Kobuin village, said she had her last meal — some wild fruits — two days ago.

Ms Roskol said the only time they have decent meals is when they receive relief food.

“There is no water, no market centre, no school, no health centre in the area,” she said.

Ms Roskol urged the government to create jobs for the villagers in the area.

She said there was now competition between the villagers and the animals for the wild fruits.