Floods in Kenya: Hundreds receive relief aid

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The Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) has distributed 4,428 non-food items (NFIs) and dispatched 8MT of food to various districts. This operation is expected to be implemented over a period of one month, and is expected to be completed by 4th February 2010 and a Final Report made available three months after the operation.

The KRCS rapid assessments in the affected regions indicate that at least 30 people have lost their lives in various parts of the country, while more than 30,000 people affected by floods are in dire need of emergency relief.

Nairobi and Lower Eastern

Some 300 families were displaced by floods following heavy rains in Kawangware, Nairobi, which displaced 35 households.

In Kijiado, floods in Lenkisin and Oloaokir areas affected three households.

In Kitengela, 50 houses were flooded, completely destroying 10 housesholds.

In Makueni area, 25 households and over 70 acres of farmland, 87 families were affected by floods following the rains reported in Kajiado.

Latest Areas Hit by Floods

Nyando District

Following a heavy downpour in Nandi hills, the water levels in Nyando and Awach are steadily increasing.In Nyando District, at least 330 households have been displaced. In lower Nyakatch, 250 households have been displaced in eight villages. Further, some 1,674 people are at risk of being displaced by floods in the district, while 87 households have already been evacuated to safety and are camping at St Alloys Primary School and 27 households arecamping at Lae Primary School.

Some 77 households that were displaced by floods are seeking refuge within the community and are staying with relatives or friends. In Nyando Division, three villages have been flooded, with 56 households in Nyakon Sub-location and 24 households in Ayweyo Sub-location have been affected. Miruka primary school in Nyando Division is still marooned in flood waters from Atoyien River.

In Rangul Location, houses of 54 families and 12 families at Kanyalual and Wasare Primary School were submerged and are camping in the school.

South Rift

Following a heavy downpour on 10th January 2010, a KRCS team was deployed to carry out a rapid assessment in Duka Moja Centre, in Suswa Location in Narok North District. Another area affected by floods is Namcha Village in Satelite sub-location in Maai Mahiu Division, Naivasha District.

Duka Moja: 40 households were affected by the floods, out which 27 households were displaced as their houses were submerged.

2 schools were destroyed - lkekarii Primary School was struck by lightning while some structures in Oltangi Primary School were washed away by floods.

Namcha Village: 27 households with a population of 108 persons were affected, out which 7 houses were submerged and destroyed

A health facility which is 3km from the centre is inaccessible due to destroyed road network.

One child of 6 years was reported to have drowned on Thursday 7th January 2010.

There is no safe water for domestic use. Resident draw water from boreholes and there is a risk of contamination with water from sewer lines.

Most latrines have been submerged.