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Floods in Kenya and Uganda: Malteser International helps to fight diseases

Cologne/Budalangi. „The situation here in Kenya is much more dramatic and much worse than I had expected", Dr. Georg Nothelle, Head of the Africa-Desk of Malteser International reports from Budalangi. Dr. Nothelle currently is in Kenya to coordinate the relief measures of Malteser International. "In the district of Busia, a dike burst, several villages have been completely inundated, 28,000 people are concerned", Nothelle says. Thousands have fled the inundated areas. In Magombe, 1,750 people are searching help in the health centre. "The people here live absolutely cramped. There is little clean, potable water, latrines have been inundated, first cholera cases have already been suspected." Therefore, Malteser International provides mobile latrines for the health centre and - with the support of the catholic parish of Magombe - distributes family kits containing soap, cookware and blankets for the internally displaced persons. "The situation here is horrible. Every help is needed", father Frederic, the parish priest of Magombe, says.

The northeast of Uganda is also hit by the heavy flooding. 400,000 people have lost their belongings; the harvest has been completely destroyed. "In the regions where the flood has had the largest impact, up to 70 percent of the potable water are contaminated with excrements and mud. In the region of Amuria we have to face a cholera outbreak within the next few days", Nothelle reports. "Malteser International is preparing tents with special cholera beds and buys medicines. Only if we are prepared, the outbreak of an epidemic can be prevented." In addition, mosquito nets have to be distributed. "The inundated areas are ideal breeding areas for the anopheles mosquito that transmits malaria", Georg Nothelle says. "The number of malaria cases has already augmented by more than 20 percent."

Attention editorial offices! Dr. Georg Nothelle, Head of the Africa Desk of Malteser International, currently is travelling in Kenya and is available for interviews (in German or English language). Please call +49 221 98 22 213 or +49 160 90 61 28 66. Photos of the flood areas in Uganda are available here: