Fish prices rise due to shortage

Fish prices have increased in Nakuru County because of a persistent shortage. Traders at Wakulima Wholesale Market in Nakuru town blamed flooding around the Lake Victoria region for the shortage.

A kilogramme of whole tilapia which was selling at Sh280 a month ago has risen to Sh320 while that of Nile Perch fillet is going for Sh500 up from Sh450.

“The most affected variety is omena because the Fisheries Department has temporarily banned omena fishing,” said Beatrice Achieng’, a fish trader. A tin of omena was going for Sh150 last month, but is now retailing at Sh200.

In the recent past, fish has become a common delicacy among many Kenyans following massive campaigns by health experts for people to eat white instead of red meat.

The high demand for Nile Perch bones, which are used to make soup, has seen their prices increase by 100 per cent.

“I was selling the bones for Sh20 but now a kilogramme is going for Sh40,” said Ms Achieng’.