EU observers welcome peaceful resolution of electoral disputes in Kenya

The European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) in Kenya respectfully notes the Supreme Court’s ruling to uphold the results of the 4 March elections. EU observers have been following the petitions closely, and will present their findings about the legal process in the mission’s Final Report.

The EU EOM welcomes the fact that the political stakeholders have asserted their rights by choosing the available legal mechanisms to settle their election disputes, thereby demonstrating great responsibility towards their country.

To assist the work of Kenyan election officials, legislators and civil society, the EU EOM will present a comprehensive assessment of the electoral process in the near future. The Final Report will include an analysis of the tallying process and the petitions, and will offer recommendations for how to enhance the efficiency and transparency of future elections. It will be presented by Chief Observer Alojz Peterle at a press conference in Nairobi, approximately one month after the end of the election process.

For further information please contact: Peter Visnovitz, EU EOM Press Officer Mobile: +254 (0) 7249 68788 Email: