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ERD provides emergency assistance to flood victims in Malawi and Kenya

Episcopal Relief and Development is responding to people affected by floods in Malawi and Kenya.

ERD is supplying emergency assistance to the northern region of Malawi where thousands are left homeless due to torrential rains. Floods washed away everything in their possession -- homes, livestock, crops -- leaving people in desperate need for basic essentials such as food, water, clothing and blankets.

According to the Rt. Rev. Christopher Boyle, Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi, the people displaced in the Chintheche regions are presently being sheltered in the Church of St. Joseph. An estimated 190 families in Karonga are left without homes and a total of 11 villages have been completely destroyed. In villages such as Malenga Mzoma, an estimated 4,896 people have been displaced. "These people have lost everything," said Bishop Boyle. "...It might be six months before people are back to some degree of normality."

Because crops serve as the only source of food, it will take time to replenish what was lost in the flood. The country is just recovering from a severe drought in which ERD supplied the affected regions with maize and planting seeds.

Episcopal Relief and Development is partnering with the Anglican Diocese of Northern Malawi to provide bags of maize, blankets, cooking utensils and basic supplies to the most affected region. The assistance will provide temporary relief for people in Malawi. The assistance will help bring a new harvest to the villages most in need.


In the Nyanza Region of Kenya, torrential rains have caused several rivers to overflow causing massive flooding in the districts of Kisumu, Nyando, Rachunyo, Migori and Homabay. More than 15,000 people are suffering in the aftermath of the disaster. Homes, health facilities, roads and bridges have completely been destroyed.

The spread of disease such as typhoid and malaria has become rampant because of the excess water. ERD is working with an ecumenical partner to provide immediate assistance those most vulnerable: children under five, pregnant/lactating women, the elderly, orphans and children with compromised health, and farmers with damaged crops.

Together with the Inter Diocesan Christian Community Services (IDCCS), ERD is distributing relief supplies and essential drugs to the most affected regions. Hybrid maize packets and sorghum seeds will be given to farmers for harvesting crops. Community leaders will receive materials for rebuilding damaged infrastructure such as dams, homes, schools and medical facilities. ERD's partnership will help these devastated regions achieve self-sufficiency.

To make a contribution to help people affected by floods in Malawi and Kenya, please donate to the Africa Relief Fund at, or call 1-800-334-7626, ext. 5129. Gifts can be mailed to Episcopal Relief and Development, designated for Africa Relief Fund, P.O. Box 12043, Newark, NJ 07101.

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