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Emergency aid to Pakistan, Yemen and Dadaab


Category: Relief work

Danish Refugee Council's national collection on Sunday 14th November gave a total of 2 million euro. The first part of the money is bound for DRC efforts in Pakistan.

"We are incredibly grateful that 13,000 Danes have helped us collect funds for emergency aid for refugees," said DRC General secretary Andreas Kamm. "The money enables the Danish Refugee Council to react quickly to emergency situations and assist refugees in humanitarian hotspots around the world - this is done through our special relief fund."

Within the next week the Danish Refugee Council will send a part of the collected money to north-western Pakistan. Responding to the heavy floods in large parts of the country this summer the DRC moved in to assist Afghan refugees and local Pakistanis.

Over the next month the DRC program in Yemen will receive new funding from the national collection as well - the focus of this operation is helping the thousands displaced in northern Yemen, that have fled their homes because of the country's internal conflict.

And early next year the DRC increases emergency operations in the world's largest refugee camp, Dadaab in Kenya, with money from the National Collection. The camp is home to nearly 300,000 refugees fleeing fighting in Somalia.