Emergencies Bulletin - Kenya, June 1997

Originally published
June 1997

The Oxfam Emergencies Bulletin aims to give an overview of Oxfam's current
emergency work world-wide, for use in communications work. It appears


Oxfam's food distribution in response to the effects of drought in the
north-eastern area of Wajir has suffered setbacks in getting the necessary
food in. In consequence the monthly ration has had to be reduced and there
is no distribution of oil or beans. The blended food distribution to
under-5s has had to be restricted to the malnourished; this part of the
programme was anyway being undermined by the lack of a decent general ration
behind it.

At the end of May a small grant was made to respond locally to the effects
of floods due to heavy rains in the capital, Nairobi.