Embu (Mbeere) County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for October 2020


Drought Situation & EW Phase Classification

Biophysical Indicators

Rainfall: The onset of the short rains was timely in the third and fourth week of October. The distribution was poor in both and time.

Vegetation Condition: The forage condition in both livelihood zones remain poor to fair in both livelihood zones.

Water sources: Rivers, boreholes and traditional river wells were the main water sources. the surface water sources in the marginal mixed farming zone remained dry during the month of October consequently leading to long distances in search of water for both livestock and for household use

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

Production indicators: The body condition for cattle in both livelihood zones remained poor to fair due to long trekking distances in search of pasture and water. This led to reduction in milk production.

Access indicators: The average distance to water sources for both households and livestock increased due to surface water sources remaining dry. The prices of beans and green grams remained stably high as result of need for planting seeds. Terms of Trade remained stable also due to stability in maize and goat price.

Utilization: All the children sampled (n=321) recorded normal MUAC measurements attributable to improved feeding habits. The food consumption score proportions stood at 77 percent acceptable and 23 percent on borderline. The coping strategy index remained stable compared to previous month at 3.21 occasioned by improvement in household purchasing power.