Embu (Mbeere) County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for April 2018


Biophysical Indicators

  • Rainfall: There was early onset of the long rains which was in the first dekad of the month of March. Above normal rainfall was received in the region during the reporting month.
  • Vegetation Condition: The pasture and browse condition is good in both livelihood zones occasioned by regeneration due to the ongoing rains.

Socio Economic Indicators (Impact Indicators)

  • Production indicators: Weeding is the main activity in the farms. Maize is at the tussling/ knee height stage of development while legumes are at podding/flowering stages of development. The condition of crops is good. Livestock body condition ranged from fair to good during the month. There is no abnormal cases of migration, diseases or death cases reported. The milk production improved slightly as compared to the previous month occasioned by good pasture and browse.
  • Access indicators: Average distance to water sources for both households and livestock decreased further during the month due to recharge from the ongoing rains. The Terms of Trade in the month of April remain normal and favourable.
  • Utilization Indicators: Milk consumption improved slightly as compared to the previous month since there was improved productivity.
  • The proportion of children under five years at the risk of malnutrition remain stable as compared to the previous month. The Coping strategy index remained stable indicating that households continued to struggle to get food.