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East & Horn of Africa COVID-19 Situation Report - #18, 12 AUGUST 2020 Update



The number of persons infected with COVID-19 in East and Horn of Africa continues to increase with the disease now infecting over 67,000 people. Migrants, including Internally Displaced Persons (IPDs), and similar vulnerable groups are more likely to be disproportionately affected by the impact of COVID-19, compared to non-migrants.

As of August 12, the number of positive COVID-19 cases in the region stands at 67,352. 1,222 new cases have been reported in the last day with most new cases reported in Ethiopia (584 daily increase 2.5%), followed by Kenya (497 daily increase 1.8%), Uganda (19 daily increase 1.4%) and Rwanda (19 daily increase 0.9%). Kenya remains the country with the highest number of confirmed cases in the region at 27,425 (40.7% of total case), followed by Ethiopia 24,175 (35.9%), followed by Djibouti 5,348 (7.9%).

IOM has launched a regional appeal for East and Horn of Africa for $71.6M in April 2020, to meet the many needs of these communities. So far 68% of the required funds have been received.

A link to the appeal can be found here;