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East Africa Region Appeal No. MAA64003 Mid-Year Report


In brief

Programme purpose: The year began with Kenya Red Cross launching an Early Warning/Early Action Drought Appeal, based on solid climate science that predicted failed rains in April/May, which would inevitably reduce the food security of those living in the arid lands.
Preparations for the drought then dominated work of the Regional Office throughout the first half of 2011. The purpose of the IFRC’s work in the region was to raise awareness of, and help position NS to respond to, the forthcoming drought. Meanwhile in the wider region, IFRC continued to work closely with NS in order to support their work to build resilience within vulnerable communities and to respond to natural and man-made disasters.

Programme summary: Emerging from significant restructuring in 2010, and still with some core positions unfilled, the IFRC regional office worked to support the East African NS in the following key areas:

• Positioning NS with partners and donors for scaled up drought response

• Supporting NS in drought preparedness

• Supporting a culture of learning from past responses through use of evaluations, particularly in drought response

• Focusing on community resilience as a cross cutting theme

• Improving quality and timeliness of reports

• Focusing on supporting volunteer action within community resilience

• Providing support to infectious disease control

• Providing support to over 10 emergency operations

Financial situation:

The total revised budget is CHF 6,923,668, of which CHF 4,812,847 (70%) was available by mid year (including opening balance). Mid year, expenditure totals CHF 2,540,277, corresponding to 37% of the revised budget and 53% of the available funding.