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Development and Peace raises over $6 million

Development and Peace has raised $6.3 million for humanitarian aid for the Horn of Africa, which is currently experiencing the worst drought in the region in 60 years.

Emergency needs remain high in the region and in addition to supporting projects in Ethiopia and Kenya to bring assistance to the most-affected communities, it is now contributing to several new projects, including responding to sanitation, hygiene and water needs in the new Kambioos refugee camp in Kenya. This camp has opened in response to the influx of Somali refugees crossing into Kenya to escape famine in their country. The project will last 12 months and will benefit 48,000 refugees in the camp.

The organization is also supporting food and water provision projects in Somalia and Somaliland, which will help over 30,000 vulnerable people cope with the devastating effects of the drought, which have been made all the worse in Somalia by lack of government in the country. Since August, the organization has committed $1.3 million to emergency relief programs in the region.

“With the amount that we have raised, we will be able to address emergency needs, but also develop projects that aim to counter food insecurity in the region in the medium-term,” says Danielle Gobeil, assistant director of International Projects.

Last week, Pope Benedict XVI re-iterated his appeal to the international community to continue to stand in solidarity to end the suffering of the people in the region. "I invite everyone to offer prayers and concrete support to so many sorely tried brothers and sisters, particularly to the children of the region who are dying every day because of the lack of water and food," he said at a mass at the Vatican.

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