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Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya - UNHCR Dadaab Bi-weekly Update, 16-31 July 2016

Situation Report
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Relocation of refugees and asylum seekers to Kakuma

 During the period under review, UNHCR Dadaab was involved in the planning of the relocation of 16,000 non-somali refugees and asylum seekers and 15,000 Somali refugees in the resettlement process from Dadaab to Kakuma. In that regard, UNHCR has been discussing with the International Organization for Migration (IOM). IOM is in the process of preparing a proposal which they will present to UNHCR. UNHCR Kakuma has initiated preparations to ensure a seamless reception of refugees to be relocated to Kakuma. Voluntary Repatriation

 During the reporting period, 1,272 returnees were supported to voluntarily return to Somalia. 1,061 returnees were transported by road, while 211 persons returned to Mogadishu by flight. In total, as of 31st July 2016, 19,523 Somali refugees had returned home since 8th December 2014, when UNHCR started supporting voluntary return of Somali refugees in Kenya, out of which 13,322 were supported in 2016 alone.

 During the reporting period, 1,581 individuals visited the Return Help Desks where they received return-related information or were processed for repatriation. There has been a sharp increase of refugees visiting the return help desks.