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Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya - UNHCR Dadaab Bi-weekly Update, 16-31 December 2016



Voluntary repatriation

  • In total, as of 31st December, 39,316 Somali refugees had returned home since 8th December 2014, when UNHCR started supporting voluntary return of Somali refugees in Kenya, out of which 33,725 were supported in 2016 alone. The number of flights has been significantly increased as it remains the only mean of transportation to Somalia. Returns movements by air are organised to Mogadishu, Kismayu and Baidoa.
  • UNHCR Dadaab will resume road movements to Somalia on 16th January 2017 and the plan is to organize four convoys a week (each convoy will carry 350 – 500 refugees).
  • Verification, assessment and screening is ongoing for the registered refugees who have protection, health concerns and People with Specific Needs. These cases will be verified before being processed at the voluntary repatriation desk.

Relocation to Kakuma

  • UNHCR Dadaab had a meeting with the Gambella community in Ifo camp on 17th December in order to update them and clarify their concerns relating to the relocation process. They had some concerns with the postponement of their relocation which should have started on 16th December 2016, as they were the next group scheduled for relocation.
  • The relocation flights for the non-Somali refugees will most likely resume in the second week of January 2017. Dadaab office is working on the preparation of manifests and sharing information with the community leaders in coordination with Refugee Affair Secretariat (RAS) and other partners involved. The relocation will start with 1,401 refugees of the Gambella community from Ethiopia who are ready to be relocated.