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Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya - UNHCR Dadaab Bi-weekly Update, 1-15 May 2017

Situation Report
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Heavy Flooding in Dadaab

On 09 May 2017, heavy rains that led to flooding was experienced in Dadaab camps. 11,684 households out of a total of 36,286 in the three most affected camps (Dagahaley, Ifo and Ifo 2) bore the brunt of the floods. Some families have moved to higher ground considered safe with many of the roads being blocked making access very difficult, including for humanitarian staff whose vehicles were stuck or got submerged in water. Three WFP trucks delivering much needed food supplies were stuck on the way to Ifo and Dagahaley camps. Flights for some refugees being repatriated were cancelled due to road networks being completely cut off.

Several meetings involving nearly all the partners have been organized to assess the extent of the damages/ needs and coordinate the response. UNHCR has coordinated the erection of communal tents, distribution of plastic sheets and food supplies, initiated disinfections across all the camps and deployed backhoe excavators to Ifo and Dagahaley camps to clear puddles and blocked access roads. In addition, potholes that have developed on the Dadaab-Ifo-Dagahaley road are currently being backfilled. The construction of dykes in Ifo and Dagahaley to divert future flood water from the camp will start very soon. Distribution of hygiene kits including soap and jerry cans is ongoing while hygiene promoters have been engaged to sensitize affected population on best hygiene practices. In addition, UNHCR has provided 5,844 jerry cans, 5,844 bars of soap and 2,922 plastic sheets to support affected households from the host community in Dadaab.