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Dadaab Refugee Camps, Kenya - UNHCR Dadaab Bi-weekly Update, 1-15 February 2017

Situation Report
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Voluntary repatriation

  • In total, as of 15th February, 49,376 Somali refugees returned home since 8th December 2014, when UNHCR started supporting voluntary return of Somali refugees in Kenya, out of which 10,062 were supported in 2017 alone. Road convoys were organized from Dadaab to Dhobley respectively on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. For the time being, flights from Dadaab to Somalia remain suspended owing to the security alerts in Mogadishu since 23rd December 2016.

  • Go and See visits to Baidoa (27th February – 3rd March) and Kismayu (6th – 10th March) are being planned and selection and nomination of refugees expected to participate in these missions has already been concluded.

Relocation to Kakuma

  • In the framework of the relocation from Dadaab to Kakuma/Kalobeyei, a total of 10 flights per week were organized during the period under review.

  • As at 13th February, the total number of persons relocated to Kakuma/Kalobeyei was 2,431. Out of this number, 2,220 were relocated since the resumption of the relocation process on 16th January 2017.

  • On Thursday 9th February, UNHCR shared with IOM a list of 658 households, a total of 2,631 non-Somali refugees who have expressed so far their willingness to be relocated.

  • On Wednesday 10th February, a meeting was held with IOM on transportation of livelihood assets belong to the relocating refugees. IOM will be transporting the items and will hand them over back to beneficiaries once safely reach to Kalobeyei. This step was taken following the visit of IOM logistics officer based in Nairobi. UNHCR to share with IOM a list of recorded livelihood assets and departure manifests.