Kenya + 3 more

CWS Hotline 28 Jan 2008: Kenya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia



"Thousands of Nairobi city residents are camping in a showground, having been chased from their homes," says Dave Johnson, of Church World Service in Nairobi. "There also are several internally displaced camps in the country, and many more displaced persons are staying with relatives."

Church World Service is working in partnership to meet the needs of some 42,400 displaced people with such items as food, blankets, and mattresses, as well as psychosocial care for some of the most traumatized.

Ann Owino, a resident of Kiambiu slum, in Nairobi, was among those forced from their homes by the post-election violence. "People were burning houses, beating and cutting," she said. "They killed men...raped women and girls."

Nancy Wanjiru is a resident of the Mathare slum and a mother of four children. Unknown people forcefully entered Wanjiru's house, beat her husband, cut him with machetes, and threw him into Nairobi River to die. Neighbors helped her pull him out and rushed him to the hospital. Wanjiru says she is afraid for her life, but is willing to return home once security can be established.

In Owino's and Wanjiru's communities, Church World Service has provided cooking oil, corn flour, salt, and vegetables.

In addition to the overall CWS efforts, Johnson says he is proud that Nairobi staff members have themselves donated very generously to the relief efforts.


Muhammad Hussain, a farmer with seven children, lives in Kalag village. In June 2007 floods destroyed the village's karez--the underground water supply system. As the water level decreased, so did their harvest and income.

When he learned that Church World Service was working in his area to restore the karezes, Hussain was very relieved.

"The today flowing with even more water due to these organizations' efforts," Hussain says. "Once again we are harvesting various vegetables like tomatoes, garlic, lady fingers (okra), etc."

They are also growing mangoes, dates, lemons, and rice. Hussain is very grateful because he is supporting his family once again.

Thus far, Church World Service has helped to install 133 hand pumps and rehabilitate 12 underground water systems in Turbat District. Church World Service has also conducted 40 hygiene trainings and distributed 1,000 CWS Hygiene Kits and 4,000 jerry cans for families affected by the floods. At the end of the project, some 50,000 people will have access to clean water.


An increasing number of families have become displaced in the Hazarajat region of Afghanistan because of a growing Taliban presence and the harsh winter. The displaced families, many now in central Ghazni province, find themselves facing food shortages and the need for heated shelter.

Church World Service is assisting 450 displaced families (about 3,150 persons) and some of their host families with food packages that include 50 kilograms of wheat flour, 10 liters of cooking oil, 7 kilograms of beans, 7 kilograms of peas, 175 kilograms of wood (for burning for heat), and 1 stove. The packages, delivered in concert with CWS Pakistan/Afghanistan's long-time partner, the Afghan Development Association, will assist the families to live more comfortably in their shelters for a month's time during the Afghan winter.


Torrential rains that hit central and eastern Java at the end of December caused extensive flooding and affected more than 129,000 people. While some families have returned home as flooding has subsided, thousands of others remain displaced.

Many in East Java are still struggling to clean the mud out of their houses and public facilities. Families continue to have problems with their livelihoods and obtaining daily needs. Many wells and sanitation facilities are contaminated by mud.

CWS provided an initial response at the end of December and beginning of the new year, and is now working with three local partners, distributing hygiene items, cleaning supplies, blankets, mats, Baby Kits, biscuits and porridge for babies, and bottled water for 3,538 households.