Conflict trends (no. 11): Real-time analysis of African political violence, February 2013

from Armed Conflict Location and Events Dataset
Published on 11 Feb 2013 View Original

This month’s Conflict Trends report provides an overview of violent conflict trends and patterns in Africa in January 2013. We focus on developments in Kenya in advance of March’s elections; Mali following the deployment of international troops in the north of the country; Egypt on the second anniversary of the uprising there; the Democratic Republic of Congo with the emergence of new actors in the already complex conflict environment in the east of the country; and Algeria, which was the centre of international attention in January with the dramatic unfolding of the hostage crisis in the east of the country (see Figure 1).

All analysis is based on ACLED real-time, georeferenced data, which is available via the Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) project website. Data on African political violence from January 1997 to December 2012 is now available on ACLED’s updated website, along with new trends analysis, maps and working papers.

In ACLED’s continued efforts to provide the most comprehensive, publicly available and real-time data on political conflict in Africa, ACLED will be covering the upcoming Kenya 2013 elections in detail with up-to-date analysis, realtime data and regular mapping. Please check the ACLED website in coming weeks for more information on this project.