CHF responds to humanitarian crisis in Kenya

SILVER SPRING, MD, January 9, 2008- CHF International is issuing an emergency appeal for funds that will help alleviate the mounting humanitarian crisis in Kenya. Active in Kenyasince 2004, CHF is deploying additional staff to Eldoret - one of the areas most consumed with the recent ethnic violence - to conduct a rapid situation assessment and begin responding to vulnerable groups' most pressing needs.

Donations in support of this effort can be made directly through our website.

Precipitated by the contested results of the country's recent presidential elections on December 27, 2007, and claims of "ethnic cleansing" by rival tribes, over 255,000 Kenyans have been internally displaced, 5,400 have fled as refugees to neighboring Uganda, and more than 500 people have died. Until the violence flared up two weeks ago, Kenyawas widely seen as one of the most stable countries within the region.

Depending on the most pressing needs identified during the assessment, CHF's assistance during this immediate emergency phase might include constructing transitional shelters, distributing non-food items and medical supplies, and reestablishing water and sanitation systems. With a relief-to-development focus in all programmatic efforts, the emergency assessment team will also work to identify assistance that will have a longer-term economic impact and will foster conflict resolution going forward.

Since 2004, CHF has been working to improve the technical and organizational capacity of over 30 community-based organizations throughout Kenya to manage the AIDS epidemic, through the Local Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS program.

At the outset, CHF anticipates working collaboratively with some of these local partner organizations to deliver relief supplies and other assistance to local communities. However, as a nonpartisan organization, CHF International will only work with and through local organizations that can commit to helping those in need, irrespective of ethnic affiliation.

CHF International has worked in over 100 countries worldwide since 1952, and provides technical expertise and leadership in international development, as well as emergency management following disasters and civil conflict.

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