Cash transfer-providing efficient support to families affected by drought

The Emergency Cash Transfer Programme (CTP) has been taking place in various counties affected by the ongoing drought situation, in Kenya. In Kilifi County the programme is funded by the British Red Cross and ECHO with an aim of reaching a total of 1,300 households through monthly mobile cash transfer.

The programme that runs until April this year targets the following sub-counties; Mbalamweni, Mrimani, Kitengwani, Kibwabwani, Viragoni, Tsangatsini, Kaloleni and Mnyenzeni.

Each household is given a monthly transfer amounting to 3000 Kenya Shillings. To select what households to benefit, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) in Kilifi are employing a community-based approach to identify the ones in dire need of assistance.

Halima Ngala is 60 years old and a resident of Kafulani A Village, Mrimani Sub Location, Kayafungo Location, in Kilifi County. Halima is among the beneficiaries of CTP with a household of 12 members that relies on subsistence farming.

To be considered as a beneficiary under CTP, an assessment to ascertain the level of vulnerability is carried out with various aspects put into consideration. These include household food score, disability, age among many others levels of vulnerability.

Under the household food score, Halima Ngala’s household per-takes a meal a day alternating between boiled silver fish with Ugali and maize meal porridge.

“I greatly appreciate the support I have received from the Red Cross,” Halima said. “The money will support my family to bye more food stuff since we have very little left for us to eat,” she added.

A total of 4, 200 households in Marsabit, Kilifi and Tana River counties have benefited from the cash transfer programme -funded by a number of partners. Cash transfer offers family the flexibility and choice to purchase their preferred foodstuff from local traders and therefore supports local markets and recovery of livelihoods.

By Florence Ogola, Kenya Red Cross Society