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Bulletin: Cholera and AWD Outbreaks in Eastern and Southern Africa, Regional Update for 2019 - as of 17 January 2019



5 out of the 21 countries in Eastern and Southern Africa Region (ESAR) have reported more than 198 cholera / AWD cases and 3 deaths with an average Case Fatality Rate of 1.5%, since the beginning of 2019. These countries include; Angola, Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Kenya accounts for 58 % (115) of the total case load reported this year, followed by Burundi at 18.7 % (37).

Out of the 5 countries with reported cholera/ AWD outbreaks this year in ESAR, 4 (Angola,
Burundi, Kenya and Uganda) have ongoing cholera outbreaks. During the week under review,
Kenya reported the highest number of new cases (115 cases including 2 deaths). Of the three countries with active transmission, Uganda has recorded the highest CFR (at 4%) in 2019.

Kenya: A new cholera outbreak has been reported in Narok County from Narok North, South and East sub counties. A total of 71 cases with 4 confirmed and 2 deaths (CFR 2.8%) have been reported. Date of onset of the index case was 2 January 2018. Kajiado county also reported a suspected outbreak, reporting 44 cases with 12 cases positive by RDT.

Uganda: A new cholera outbreak emerging from Kampala started in December 2018 and was declared earlier in 2019. 14 new cases of AWD/cholera were reported in week 2 (week ending 13 January 2019) compared to 11 cases including 1 death (CFR, 9%) reported in week 1 (week ending 6 January 2019). Cumulatively a total of 25 cases including 1 death have been reported since the onset of the latest wave of the cholera outbreak in December 2018. The main risk factors for this outbreak include; poor access to clean water and sanitation.

Burundi: Cumulatively, as of 15 January 2019, a total of 141 cases including 1 death have been reported since the beginning of the outbreak in December 2018. 26.2% (37) of these cases have been reported since the beginning of 2019. Cases reported in 2019 emerged from Rumonge (31 cases) and Bujumbura Mairie Nord district (6 cases). Lake Tanganyika is the source of contamination.

Angola : During week 2, 7 new cases were reported from Uige province compared to 8 cases reported in week 1. Cumulatively a total of 327 cases including 3 deaths have been reported since the onset of the latest wave of cholera outbreak in September 2018.

Tanzania: 6 cases were reported from Kigoma region during week 1. Cumulatively a total of 33,327 cases including 550 deaths have been reported in the United Republic of Tanzania since August 2015.