Britain Gives 211,665 U.S. Dollars Kenya For Disaster Relief

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NAIROBI, Kenya (PANA) - Britain has given Kenya 13.5 million shillings (some 211,665 U.S. dollars) for flood and diarrhoea emergency relief operations which have brought death to thousands of people in the northern part of the country, the national news agency, KNA, reported Tuesday.
It said that the money, to be coordinated by the Kenya National Disaster Committee, have been channelled through the Britain's Department of International Development.

The money will pay for the air transport of emergency food supplies to areas receiving over four times their normal rainfall.

Two Kenya wildlife service aircraft are to be used in the operation.

Torrential rains and floods blamed on the weather phenomenon El Nino, have devastated parts of East Africa since the beginning of October.

Kenya's government has to declare its coast and north-eastern province disaster zones. The United Nations says that some 300,000 people desperately need food relief.

The rains have damaged roads and bridges making transportation of food impossible.

So, government has appealed for international aid. Belgian has offered two military transport planes to airlift emergency food supplies.

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