The Boma Peace Agreement

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On 21st – 22nd February 2014 a historic Marsabit Peace Initiative meeting took place at The Boma Inn Hotel Nairobi. The gathering brought together community representatives and leaders from the communities which over the years have experienced conflict; Borana, Gabra, Burji, Sakura Garre and "Corner communities" within Moyale and its surrounding environs that have been hit by recurrent violence over the past year leading to loss of life, property and livelihoods.

The meeting was convened as a Central Government initiative through the direction of the Kenya’s President H. E. Uhuru Kenyatta with the aim to establish sustainable peace in Moyale County. The President also appointed the meeting's moderators as peace envoys including former speaker of the National Assembly Mr. Francis Ole Kaparo and Garissa Senator Mr. Yusuf Hajj; the former Defense Minister. The meeting also brought together Community representatives, Women and Youth leaders, traditional leaders, Members of County Assembly, Members of Parliament and other political leaders from the County. The County Governor, Mrs. Ukur Yattani was also in attendance.

The Kenya Red Cross Society played a facilitative role in negotiating for peace in the County and also hosted the meeting at The Boma Inn Nairobi, with the Secretary General, Dr. Abbas Gullet highlighting the importance for peace. The meeting concluded with the unveiling of "THE BOMA PEACE AGREEMENT (THE BOMA DECLARATION)" in which all leaders took an oath to work for, build and "support the peace process to bring lasting peace to Marsabit for the betterment of its people and development of the county.

The Agreement’s Resolutions are as follows:
I. Take cognizance of the on-going peace and mediation process and embrace it unconditionally and wholeheartedly;
II. Resolve to form a Multi-Ethnic Committee to steer joint peace rallies and dialogue in Moyale in particular and Marsabit in general with immediate effect;
III. Resolve to collaborate with the National Government to speedily facilitate reconstruction of houses of those displaced;
IV. Resolve to work with National Government, County Government and Humanitarian Organisations in facilitating immediate return of all the displaced persons and ensure adequate provision of their security; and agree that the Kenya Red Cross Society be the lead agency in coordinating humanitarian intervention;
V. Urge the National Government to enhance security to protect the lives and property of the people of Marsabit County;
VI. Appeal to the National Government to strengthen cross-border dialogue;
VII. Appeal to the National and County Governments together with other organisations to facilitate psychosocial support, counseling and trauma healing for those affected by the conflict;
VIII. Resolve that all public resources under the charge of the National and County Governments be allocated fairly and equitable to all communities in Marsabit County
IX. Resolve that CDF, CDF Committees and other funds in the hands of the Members of Parliament be fair and representative;
X. Urge the National Government to take punitive measures against all those who breach this Agreement.