Baringo County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for January 2014

from Government of Kenya
Published on 31 Jan 2014 View Original


  • The area under monitoring received 0 mm rainfall during the month which was below normal.

  • There were light showers received around Marigat on 21st January but not enough for records.

  • The temperature has been quite high especially in East Pokot that recorded highs of 38 degrees on some days, averagely 34 degrees.

  • The average November MUAC level was 14, 0.9% more than that of December. This therefore means that the nutritional status of the children shown by the percentage, in the sampled areas deteriorated during the month.

  • Kinyach, Komolion, Kapenguria, Endao Kaptuiya, Nakoko and Kiserian had the highest number of malnutrition cases in January.

  • Quality of the available pasture is deteriorating fast in Agro Pastoral and Irrigated cropping livelihood zones and dry in Pastoral livelihood zone.

  • The average distance grazing areas increased to 6.4 km from 5.8 km that of the previous month due to decreased amounts of rain thus also decreasing browse and pasture greatly.

  • During the last four weeks the water availability decreased in all the livelihood zones due to decreased rainfall in the county.

  • The water sources currently in use are Pans & Dams, Traditional river wells, springs, Boreholes, Natural Rivers, ponds and Lakes.

  • Distance to the nearest water source during the month increased to an average of 3.1 an increase of 0.1 km from 3.0 km that of the previous month for most of the households.

  • The average price of cattle decreased from Kshs. 21, 056 in December to Kshs 17,553 in January.

  • Water scarcity in Akoret, Silale, Natan, Tuwo, Kinyach, Riongo, Orus, Tangulbei, Chepkalacha, Loyeya, Katikit, and Whole of Mondi Division. Scarcity of Water, due to drying up of rivers, broken down boreholes and contaminated dams and ponds.

  • Scarcity of food in Katikit, Kinyach, Mondi division, Orus, Akoret, Ngaina and Yatya.

  • There is need to be on alert regarding insecurity/conflict and displacement due to migrations in search of greener pasture to areas around south Turkana and Samburu borders.

  • There has been migration reported especially from Kollowa, Kapunyany, Kamurio, Akoret, Kinyach areas to Marakwet, Keiyo, Rimoi and Natibuel park for people around Kollowa and Kinyach.

  • From Kollowa, Kapunyany, Kamurio, Akoret, some people have moved with livestock to borders of Ngoron division, Ngaina, Turkana, Kainuk (Sarmach, Lotongot and Nasorot) and others to Mondi and corridors of the route to Chesawach, Turkana. The migration is approximately 100 – 140 kilometers away.