ASAL Humanitarian Network MPCT New Beneficiaries Endline Assessment, Mandera County, March 2022



The ASAL Humanitarian Network's (AHN) humanitarian assistance programme provides three rounds of multipurpose cash transfers (MPCTs) to vulnerable populations in drought-affected counties in arid and semi-arid counties of Kenya. This assessment looks at a supplementary set of beneficiary households in Mandera county added to the main lot of beneficiary households under the AHN's main programme.1 This response in Mandera county is primarily funded by Oxfam2 and consists of two implementing local partner non-governmental organisations (NGOs): RACIDA and NAPAD3 . The AHN will be distributing three rounds of MPCTs between December 2021 and March 2022, to selected beneficiary households across Mandera county in Kenya.

To monitor the ongoing impact of the MPCTs on the beneficiary population, IMPACT Initiatives provides impartial third-party monitoring and evaluation. IMPACT conducted a baseline assessment prior to the first round of transfers, a midline assessment after the first round, and an endline assessment after the last round of transfers. This factsheet presents key findings from the endline assessment in Mandera county as well as comparison of some key indicators from the baseline assessment. The figures in grey highlight the magnitude of change from the baseline to the endline for relevant indicators.