Anthropometric and mortality survey: Larger Kilifi District, Kilifi County, Coast Province - Final Report, June 2011



Larger Kilifi District is in Coast province. It lies between 3° 16 south and 4° south, and 39° 05 east and 40° east. The shoreline is 144 Km from Mtwapa Creek to Mida Creek. The district borders Taita and Taveta districts to the west, Malindi and Magarini districts to the northwest, Kisauni, Kilindini and Kinango Districts to the south. The district covers an area of 4,779.2 Km² including the Arabuko Sokoke forest of 189 Km. The population is estimated to be 831,108 people according to 2009 census.

The District is divided into seven administrative divisions namely Kaloleni, Bahari, Chonyi, Kikambala, Ganze, Vitengeni and Bamba. Kaloleni and Ganze divisions have since been made into fully fledged Districts. It has thirty six Locations and one hundred and seven sub locations. Bamba Division is the largest with an area of 1,743.5 Km² sub divided into five locations and thirteen sub locations followed by Kaloleni Division with an area of 909 Km² while Chonyi Division is the smallest with area of 202.2 Km² with four Locations and nine sub locations as indicated in the above table. Politically the district is divided into three constituencies namely Kaloleni comprising of Kaloleni Division, Ganze comprising of Ganze, Vitengeni and Bamba Divisions and Bahari comprising of Bahari, Kikambala and Chonyi Divisions. The district is divided into three local authorities namely County Council of Kilifi which has twenty six electoral wards, Kilifi Town council with eight electoral wards and town council of Mariakani with seven electoral wards.