Amnesty response to ICC confirmation of charges against Kenya suspects

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Amnesty International’s reaction to the International Criminal Court ruling that four senior Kenyan figures will stand trial over the 2007 post-election violence.

All quotes attributable to Justus Nyang’aya. The Director of Amnesty International, Kenya

“Today’s decision by the ICC is an important milestone for victims in their search for justice, truth and reparations for crimes which took place during the post-election violence.”

“Whether or not these individuals are guilty of these charges remains to be seen and their right to a fair trial must be respected.”

“But these are just four individuals. Thousands of human rights abuses, some of which may amount to crimes against humanity, took place during the post-election period and thousands of victims are still waiting for justice.”

“It is vital that the Kenyan authorities open investigations and, where there is sufficient admissible evidence; prosecute all those suspected of committing crimes.”

General concerns surrounding the ICC

“Amnesty International is concerned that the ICC has been given insufficient funding by the states parties to the Rome Statute to guarantee that the trials are carried out promptly and with full respect for the rights of the defendants and victims.”

“Cuts imposed on the ICC in the 2012 budget may result in severe delays in scheduling trials in the Kenyan situation. Such delays may infringe the defendants’ rights to a fair trial.”

“Amnesty International believes that cuts could hamper the Court’s efforts to register victims of the post-election violence to take part in the trials.”

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