Alko IDPs status brief as at 25th April 2011

Situation Report
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On 19th April 2011 the government through the Ministry of Special programmes (MoSSP) transported some IDPs from Rongai Alko camp hoping to resettle them in Trans-Nzoia, Kwanza District. The total number of those transported was 255 households with an approximate population of 570 people including children.

RECEPTION On arrival to Endebess, these IDPS were turned away by furious residents opposed to the resettlement attempt. They wanted their own IDPs and squatters to be resettled first. This forced the Provincial Administration to act swiftly by transferring the families to an alternative site pending further determination to the matter.

CURRENT LOCATION. These families are currently camping at Soil Conservation Primary School which is next to the Ministry of Agriculture Offices in Kitale Town. Through the province Administration, they have been allowed to pitch their tents for a while before a solution is reached on either to return them back to Nakuru or be resettled on the earmarked land.