Actors, Services and Infrastructure Mapping: Dadaab refugee complex, Garissa County, Kenya (May 2022)



Dadaab Refugee complex is located in Garissa County, Kenya. It consists of three camps, Dagahaley, Hagadera and Ifo. As of 31 July 2022, a total of 233,7361 refugees and asylum seekers mostly from Somalia resided in Dadaab. The complex comprises of multiple shelter types and a variety of facilities including latrines, boreholes, tap stands, education facilities, health facilities, recreation and protection facilities, financial institutions, markets, among others. The average population of refugees in Dadaab has been steadily increasing since 2018. Access to critical facilities therefore remain constrained as more people get added in the already populated camps.

Building on the previous infrastructure mapping conducted by REACH Initiatives January in 20192 , and the actors and services mapping3 conducted in 2020/2021, REACH sought to come up with a more comprehensive database of the key infrastructures and services offered in Dadaab refugee complex, to understand how humanitarian agencies are providing different services in Dadaab and identify gaps in service delivery. Findings from this assessment will enhance humanitarian coordination among stakeholders in Dadaab refugee camps and influence programming and prioritization of humanitarian response to refugee needs in the camps.