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Appeal Target: US$ 14,132,844
Balance Requested: US$ 9,873,582

Geneva, 12 August 2011

Dear Colleagues,

More than 3.2 million Kenyans1 are in need of humanitarian aid after four years of successive drought. The arid and semi-arid areas (ASAL) of the country are the most affected. The drought is due to the La Niña effect, a phenomenon that reduces moisture in the atmosphere when the surface of the Pacific Ocean cools. The months of October, November and December 2010 were unusually dry followed by a failure of the 2011 long rains expected in April and May making recovery difficult for the affected population. According to the UN OCHA Eastern Africa’s drought analysis, this has been the lowest level of rainfall in 60 years.2 The ASAL areas affected include northern, south eastern and coastal marginal agricultural areas.

ACT Alliance members in Kenya are working to provide drought affected households with relief food, water and other life supporting services including livestock interventions targeting pastoralists. The intervention is aimed at providing targeted families with emergency safety nets and cushioning them from the adverse impact of the drought. ACT members will particularly target families with indentified vulnerable groups and those with children under the age of five years, with supplementary feeding. The appeal activities will also provide affected families with appropriate early-recovery opportunities such as restocking of herds, rehabilitation of low cost water structures; water bore holes, drought resistant crop varieties and other appropriate interventions to enable affected people to recover from the effects of the drought.

This appeal will target approximately 60,922 households. The total financial target for this appeal is US$ 14,132,844. US$ 4,259,262 has already been received or pledged and the amount requested is US$ 9,873,582 for a period one year starting from August 2011 to July 31st 2012.