3 die as 29 Families are Rendered Homeless in Clashes

For six days since Sunday 19th February 2012 to date, there has been tension in Kibigori Sub location, Chemilil location, resulting to tribal clashes between two neighbouring communities at the border of Nandi south and Muhoroni districts. The clashes were as a result of cattle rustling where some people from both communities, in the two districts, stole cattle from each.

As a result, at least 29 families have been displaced from their homes and some houses belonging to 10 families burnt. Besides, three people from one community have been killed and several acres of cane farms torched. To intervene, there have been series of peace meetings with the two neighboring communities since Friday (24.02.2012) totaling to 6 meetings. The peace meetings have been held with the participation of the leaders from the areas and Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) personnel but no tangible solutions have been reached since both communities have proved to be hardliners.

The temporary solution as of today is that the leaders from Nandi District have promised to buy animals stolen from Muhoroni District and return them to the owners and the animals held in Muhoroni to be returned to Nandi to ease the tension.In response to the humanitarian situation, KRCS Nyando Branch conducted an assessment that revealed that at least 29 families have been displaced and are currently camping at Muhoroni District Headquarters in Chemilil District.

KRCS has supported the displaced families with non-food items that include blankets, ITNS, Taurplins, jerry cans, soap, water treatment chemicals and kitchen sets. Further, the branch mobilised one bag of maize from the District Commissioner’s office, Muhoroni and distributed it to the affected families. Otherwise, the humanitarian situation is dire and more assistance is needed.