The 2011-2012 Short Rains Season Assessment Report


Kenya Food Security Steering Group (KFSSG)

1.0 Executive Summary

1.1 Scope of the October-December, 2011 short rains food security assessments

The multi-sectoral 2011/12 short rains were conducted by a joint team comprising of the Government of Kenya (GoK), United Nations (UN), Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and district level teams in 29 districts within the pastoral, agro-pastoral, and southeast and coastal marginal agricultural livelihood zones. While taking into account the performance of rainfall in the three preceding seasons, teams assessed impacts of 2011 short rains on water quality and access; crop and livestock production; nutrition and health; markets and trade; and education. Teams also considered impacts of other hazards such as conflicts, floods, crop pests and high food prices, together with ongoing food and non-food interventions, to assess the level of food availability and access at household level. The teams recommended necessary cross sectoral interventions aimed at addressing immediate short term food security needs and at the same time proposed key medium to long term interventions necessary for tackling food insecurity in a sustainable manner.

District Short Rains Reports 2012