18 feared dead in Wajir-Mandera clashes

By Nation Correspondent

At least 18 people are feared dead near the Wajir-Mandera border following fresh clashes between two rival clans.

The clashes started as attacks by Degodia clan members to avenge the death of two people allegedly killed by members of a rival Gare clan, according to a source who did not want to be named for security reasons.

After heavy fighting, the attackers are said to have retreated and had started the journey home before they were pursued by their rivals.

“It is then that heavy fighting ensued at Gunana village, heavy gunfire could be heard, which was then followed by a heavy explosion.”


The single explosion, he said, was of an explosive device thrown into a cave where 11 people had taken cover from the heavy fighting.

Eight more people are said to have died from bullet wounds, bringing the numbers of those killed to nearly 20.

Wajir Governor Ahmed Abdullahi confirmed the 11 deaths, adding that investigations were still going on and measures were being put in place to curb further retaliatory attacks.

He said, “The 11 who died were victims of a rocket propelled grenade that was lobbed in to cave in which they were taking cover from the battle field and were burned beyond recognition”.

He added that the clan fights were becoming more complicated.