10,600 people displaced In Kenyan clashes

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Over 10,600 people have been displaced by an upsurge of clashes being experienced in Kuresoi, in Nakuru District, and in Mathare informal settlement in Nairobi since the last five days. Fifteen people have died from and scores more injured between the two skirmishes.


In Kuresoi, the conflict broke out only one month after a major security effort was implemented by the Government of Kenya to quash ethnic clashes that claimed twelve lives. Seven people have been killed in the clashes, which began after an alleged rape incident on 4th November 2006 in Murundiko. According to media reports, four arsonists were shot dead by security personnel, while three were civilians attacked by raiders.

At least 100 houses have been torched leaving 1,600 people displaced. These people are camped in village trading centres and nearby schools and churches. The major areas affected by the clashes are Mkulima, Set Kobor farm, Central farm tegea, Kuresoi Muaragania, Bochege farm, Murundiko centre, and Kongoi farm. The tension has also affected parts of Molo and Laikipia. The two warring communities have vowed revenge against each other, indicating that the clashes could still escalate.


In Mathare, eight people lost their lives, scores of others injured and over 9,000 people displaced in the ongoing sectoral skirmishes that have hit Nairobi's sprawling Mathare informal settlement. Most of the residents in the area abandoned their homes for fear of further reprisal attacks. The most affected areas are Mathare 4A and Mathare 3C. Many residents, including women and children, are currently camped outside Moi Airbase, Community Outreach Church, Agip Petrol Station, Church of Christ in Africa and the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Security personnel have been deployed to bring calm in the area. Curfew has been imposed by the security personnel to restore normalcy in the area.

In response to the clashes, the Kenya Red Cross Society (KRCS) provided relief assistance in both Kuresoi and Mathare. The KRCS Nakuru Branch Red Cross Action Team (RCAT) members assisted 100 households following the destruction of their houses in six affected areas through the distribution of blankets, kitchen sets, tarpaulins, iron sheets, among other items.

In Mathare, KRCS distributed 1,000 tarpaulins, 2,000 bottles of water, 2,000 blankets, 100 cartons of canned fish and 1,000 water jerricans, all valued at approximately Ksh 1.62 million. The National Society also received donations of hot meals from hotels and restaurants to feed the affected families.