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Zaatari Refugee Camp - Factsheet, April 2015

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83,496 Persons of concern

50.3% Females, 49.7% Males

57% are youth, 19.9% are under 5 years old

1 in 5 households are headed by women

Average of 80 births per week.

Place of origin: Dara’a: 53.4%, Homs: 14.9%, Damascus: 7.5%, Hama: 4.4%.


Approximately 430,000 refugees have passed through the camp. Of those an average of: 120,000 returned to Syria; 60,000 received bailouts from Jordanian nationals to formally leave the Camp; 160,000 left the camp to urban areas informally; while approximately 80,000 remain in Zaatari. Syrians entering Jordan through the land borders are taken to Raba Sarhan, the joint UNHCR–Government Registration Centre (8 km from the border) enhanced with the latest biometric technology, including Iris Scanning. Syrians are issued a service card with enhanced security features. This card provides free access to basic social services, i.e. education and health, boosting de facto the protection space for Syrian refugees.

With many families having passed a third winter displaced in Jordan, UNHCR has witnessed a steady rise in returns. At present the daily rate of return is 100-150 persons, drawn from refugee families in urban areas, and from within the Camp itself. The principal drivers for return concern reunion with family members who remained in Syria, increasing vulnerability, a lack of livelihood opportunities, and a desire to continue education. UNHCR provides protection counselling to families wishing to return to Syria at the Returns Areas.