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WFP Jordan Country Brief, October 2021

Situation Report
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Operational Updates

  • WFP provided food assistance to around 480,000 very vulnerable refugees residing in camps and host communities in the form of cash-based transfers. This includes the additional 40,000 refugees integrated in response to the COVID-19 pandemic using dedicated funds from the United States of America. Most refugees come from Syria, with a minority from Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, and Somalia.

  • WFP resumed the annual verification exercise for the current refugee beneficiaries in communities using iris scanning working through post offices around the country. WFP informed beneficiaries about the dates and locations of the verification through SMS. WFP successfully validated around 15,000 cases through its cooperating partner. The verification exercise will finish by the end of November.

  • The National Centre for Security and Crises Management(NCSCM) and WFP signed a joint Action Plan on 13 October. The plan covers the provision of technical support and capacity strengthening for the NCSCM. This cooperation will allow WFP to develop a risk monitoring and impact analysis platform and facilitate South- South triangular cooperation with the NCSCM.

  • The Government of Jordan officially approved the National School Feeding Strategy developed with WFP support. This Strategy will build a sustainable, effective and scalable school feeding programme using a nutrition-sensitive, community-based and home-grown school meals model that will eventually also bring economic benefits for local populations. The implementation is planned for the second scholastic semester (February 2022).

  • Furthermore, the Ministry of Education (MoE)andWFPsignedthe technical Assistance Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in October. Through this MoU, WFP will provide capacity strengthening support to MoE to achieve the goals of the National School Feeding Strategy.

  • WFP started School feeding activities in communities throughout the country. WFP reached around 400,000 students in communities with 80 grams of daily fortified date bars. School feeding in the camps is expected to resume in November following temporary suspension in October.

  • WFP, through its contracted service provider, completed around 21,500 home visits out of the 33,000 targeted home visits for the National Aid Fund (NAF) beneficiary validation process. WFP will complete the full targeted home visits in November 2021.