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Weekly Report Public Health and Nutrition Za’atri Camp HIS Week 8

Situation Report
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1 . Operational Highlights and Situation update

• The refugee influx continues with 61,268 new arrivals in Za’atri between the 1st and the 26th of February. There are now 282,009 persons either registered or waiting registration with UNHCR (Table1).

• Based on current arrival numbers Za’atri will be full indays time; agreement on the location of a second camp is being urgently sought.

• The Ministry of Health Primary Health Coordination Centre unofficially opened in Za’atri camp withstaff members initially.

• In Za’atri Weekhas seen largest number of consultations reported so far (a very large increase, up from 8,745 in W7 to 15,564 in W8). This may be partly explained by increase in completeness of reporting by health agencies but must also be due in part to increase in demand.

• Utilization rates and consultations per clinician per day exceeding standards -­ reinforcing need for more primary healthcare staff

• Large ratio of population per facility -­ reinforcing need for decentralised services

• PAC/Saudi clinic have increased the number of GPs toand will continue to increase the number GPs in Za’atri to meet the demand for primary health care.

• French Field Hospital in Za’atri vaccinated 1,540 children during week 8