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Weekly Report Public Health and Nutrition Za’atri Camp HIS Week 7

Situation Report
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  1. Operational

Highlights and Situation update

• The refugee influx continues with 36,793 new arrivals between the 1st and the 20th of February. There are now 282,009 persons either registered or waiting registration with UNHCR (Tabe1). Total registered individuals from city of Dar'a are the highest percentage at 57.9%. 53.6% of total registered individuals are in Zaatri camp, followed by 15.8% in Irbid and 14.3% in Amman.

• All Za’atri facilities are operating fully but increasingly overburdened with the numbers of refugees. GSF are finding it very difficult to manage the high numbers of deliveries. JHAS will be hiring more general practitioners with UNHCR funding and also planning on expanding and restructuring the clinic to improve patient flow, strengthen triage and provide more consultation rooms. Work continues on opening the second health facility site with MSF having started fencing and expecting to open early March.