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UNHCR Jordan Factsheet: Azraq Refugee Camp (April 2020)

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Azraq is home to 36,785 Syrian refugees, nearly 21% are under five years old.

61% are children, including 100 unaccompanied and separated children.

1,350 Syrian refugees (3.67%) have disabilities in the camp.

1 in 4 households are headed by women.

8,693 shelters are currently in use in the camp.

All allocated shelters in the camp are connected to electricity.

Working with Partners

▪ The camp management is co-coordinated by Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate (SRAD) and UNHCR. The camp has the potential to be expanded to accommodate 120,000 - 130,000 refugees at maximum capacity. The village-based approach aims to foster a greater sense of ownership and community among residents. The camp has a coordination mechanism composed of different agencies, which include camp coordination, inter-agency community representatives’ meetings, sectors and Task Force meetings including information sessions.