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UN Weekly Inter-agency Situational Report - Jordan, Syrian Refugee Response update 10 - 17 March 2013


I. Facts and Figures (as at 17 March 2013)

• Number of Syrians either registered as refugees or being assisted as such has now reached the 1.1 million mark.

• Government of Jordan estimates that there are some 450,000 Syrians of concern to UNHCR in the Kingdom.

• Total registered and waiting registration Syrian individuals in Jordan : 355,493 out of which: o Total Syrians registered: 298,025 o Total Syrians in contact with UNHCR Jordan awaiting registration (vast majority in urban areas): 57,468

• Total Syrian population registered in Za’atri camp: 164,365

• Total Syrian population registered in urban locations: 133,660 • Majority of registered Syrian people of concern are in Za’atri camp with 55.2% of total registered individuals, followed by 15.8% in Irbid and 13.2% in Amman.

• Majority of registered Syrians in Jordan originate from city of Dar'a and represent 67% of all registered Syrians.