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Towards a Holistic Approach - Increasing Resilience through Integrated Protection and Livelihoods Programming in Jordan


Executive Summary


Given the protracted displacement resulting from over a decade of conflict in Syria, the Government of Jordan and humanitarian actors are aiming to increase resilience and self-reliance amongst both the high numbers of Syrian refugees in Jordan and the frequently vulnerable communities that host them.

Within contexts of displacement, livelihoods and protection concerns are closely interlinked and can act as barriers to attaining resilience for vulnerable groups. While livelihoods activities are still prominent in resilience programming, the humanitarian community has acknowledged this interdependence and related responses. As such, DRC Jordan has been implementing various integrated approaches between livelihoods and protection programming, hypothesizing that the integration of services compounds positive outcomes in resilience and selfreliance amongst vulnerable persons seeking support through DRC.

Applied approaches include both a package approach, where services are implemented in unison, i.e. group stress management sessions, legal awareness sessions, and livelihood grants distribution, as well as co-locating protection and livelihood services in the same communities to facilitate referrals and coordination between respective teams. As a result, DRC conducted research to establish

  1. if integrated programming resulted in increased resilience outcomes,

  2. which mechanisms led to the observed outcomes, and

  3. explore the feasibility of implementing integrated programming on a wider scale and what adaptations may be necessary prior to expansion.