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SGFPN Jordan: Monitoring Gender in the Refugee Response to the Syria Crisis - Gender Monitoring Dashboard ǀ Cumulative Q1-Q2-Q3 2021 (Livelihoods Sector)



This Gender Monitoring Dashboard is a monitoring tool that provides evidence on to what extent Livelihoods Sector and benefit equally women, and men [WM] refugees under humanitarian programming It has been developed based on available data / information shared by partners on ActivityInfo and other useful resources as: Regional Indicator report, Gender and Age Maps, ISWG and COVID-19 Refugee Response monthly updates, Sector Work Plan, etc. Data is analysed using several M&E tools: GAM, Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability, and Quality, the Age, Gender and Diversity (AGDs) reflecting differences that may exist between the sexes, clarifications, and thus formulate appropriate recommendations. With the dashboard information and recommendations, we can refine gender lenses with sector annual planning reflected into work plan for 2022