RFSAN conducts Food Security Trainings in Jordan

Amman, Jordan: The Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN) has recently delivered a series of introductory food security trainings in Jordan to government employees from 15-22 May 2017, with the support of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Representation in Jordan, and the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA).

The participants included various staff members from the MoA and Department of Statistics (DoS).

The intense two-day training per city took place in three different locations of the country, including Amman, Irbid and Aqaba, with a total of 75 participants.

The partakers were introduced to the concepts of food security, food security determinants, identification of information needs for assessing and monitoring food security and carrying out basic food security analysis.

RFSAN intends to conduct a series of trainings in the region (Jordan, Iraq and Lebanon) during 2017, focusing on food security data collection, data analysis and data management, involving key stakeholders.

The Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN) is a partnership between FAO and iMMAP, working in close collaboration with various humanitarian and development actors in the sector of food security in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria. One of the many tasks of the program is to strengthen food security information and early warning units in the countries affected by the Syria crisis through context-specific trainings, technical support and mentoring.