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Report of the Special Rapporteur trafficking in persons, especially women and children, on her mission to Jordan (A/HRC/32/41/Add.1) (Advance Edited Version)

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Note by the Secretariat

The Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, visited Jordan 28 January to 4 February 2016, at the invitation of the Government. In the present report, the Special Rapporteur highlights the country’s commitment to combating trafficking in persons, as evidenced by its legislative and policy framework that protects migrant workers, its multidisciplinary approach in taking anti-trafficking measures and the establishment of a shelter for trafficked persons. Various initiatives further improve implementation of labour standards while promoting competitiveness.

She nonetheless expresses concern about, inter alia, the perception that human trafficking in Jordan mainly involves labour exploitation of non-Jordanians, to the neglect of other forms of trafficking including trafficking for sexual exploitation, begging and organ transplant, which involve Jordanians, migrants and the refugee and asylum-seeking population. Moreover, given the influx of migrant workers, refugees and asylum seekers, immigration practices do not provide opportunity for accurate identification and protection of trafficked persons. Other concerns include the absence of an updated national strategy to combat trafficking and standard operating procedures, the placement of victims in shelters without freedom of movement and the low prosecution rates for trafficking cases.

On that basis, the Special Rapporteur makes a number of recommendations to the Government, including with regard to ratification of key international legal instruments, strengthening of national legislation and policies to combat trafficking, and increasing capacity-building activities for government officials. The Special Rapporteur also encourages the Government to address gaps in the assistance provided to victims of trafficking, especially in terms of providing them with effective remedies, and increasing the involvement of civil society organizations in the provision of assistance to victims. She also calls on the Government to improve the justice delivery system and strengthen its cooperation with source countries to address root causes of trafficking and create more opportunities for safe migration.